We joined Lions in 2010. For the last 20 years we have spent our time bringing up our 2 sons, taking them to swimming lessons, football practice, ferrying them to friends houses etc. Then they grew up and didn't need us anymore (except as bank of mom and dad).
Suddenly we had spare time and didn't want to vegetate in front of the television. We saw a notice advertising the Castle Bromwich Lions, turned up at a meeting and have never looked back.
We have met a great bunch of people, we enjoy the social evenings but also enjoy helping our local community.
There is always something to do whether it is our monthly social meetings when we play skittles, crazy golf, attend concerts, summer walks or our fundraising events e.g quiz nights, "helping father Xmas" or even ferret racing!.
Our fundraising help local projects but we also give practical help e. g gardening, driving for Help The Aged. We both work but only have to give what spare time we want.
We would recommend looking at what our group has to offer if you have spare time. if you can't join us, please support our local events.