Message in a Bottle

Message in a bottle copyWe support the Message in a Bottle scheme promoted by Lions Clubs throughout the UK which is helping to save

"In emergency situations at home where time really does matter, an initiative the RD&E has signed up to will save lives. Message In A Bottle is a simple, effective way of informing the emergency services about the medical history of the person they are helping by having the details in a small plastic bottle in their fridge at home. Patients who might be vulnerable because they live alone or have a medical condition have been encouraged by hospital staff to take part in the free scheme run by the Lions Club. This information is also useful, for example, when an ambulance crew briefs the hospital Emergency Department staff about a patient. "

Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation Trust, Annual Report 2007/08, Page 25


lives, police time and hospital beds throughout the country.

Message in a bottle was the idea of a Lions member who was a serving police officer. It directs emergency services via a sticker with a green cross placed on the front door to information stored in a plastic container inside the fridge which could include such details as an identifying photograph, information on medical conditions, medication, emergency contacts and details of any pets or children who may need to be catered for. 

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