Young Leaders in Service Awards

These awards recognise young people who provide significant levels of service to their communities.There are two award levels:

    * The Silver Seal Award for young people who provide at least 50 hours of service to their community during a 12 month period

    * The Gold Seal Award for those who provide at least 100 hours of service during a 12 month period.

Who is eligible to take part?The Lions Young Leaders in Service Awards recognise young people between the ages of 11 and 18 (school years 7 to 13).

How does it work?The Lions Young Leaders in Service Awards are sponsored by local Lions clubs. Clubs may recognise as many young people as they find eligible, inviting local schools, Leo Clubs and other youth groups to participate.

Each young person will be provided with a logbook in which to record their service activities.These activities are in a number of different categories - all the hours can be from the same activity or from a variety of services.Categories include service to the young, the elderly, family members and the homeless and hungry.It could also include protecting our environment.Young people may also wish to assist their local Leos or Lions club in fundraising or welfare activities.All these activities count as hours towards the award.